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VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...
VT2 VT-2 (WE205B - 205A - 205B -...


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The SAGA of VACUUM TUBES: Very rare TRIODE VT-2 or VT2 WESTERN ELECTRIC Military production for Aircraft United States of America. 205A or B, year of production 1917-24, a CENTURY of life and 100% WORKING!


This TRIODE VT-2 or VT2 WESTERN ELECTRIC is a tube that certainly belongs, fully, to the recognized and mythological " SAGA of VACUUM TUBES "! The very rare VT-2 TENNIS BALL, with its perfect balloon shape, is corresponding to the 205A or B and was made as an Output Power Triode, therefore for Amplification. This military version is a particularly robust project as it was destined for the "Signal Corporation" where it was used in the aircraft and ships of the American military forces. The valve is absolutely fascinating for its splendid shape and, above all, for the internal structure which, in our opinion, is " mystical "! The VT-2 was designed and produced in the WE laboratories at the end of 1910, to be precise in 1917 until 1924/5, therefore today, this valve boasts a splendid youth of about A CENTURY or more of life. We remind you that the filament is coated with " RARE Earths ". Of course, needless to say, made and assembled totally "handmade". The VT-2 has also been heavily used in BF in telephone amplification by the Bell Telephone-Mfg and in primordial but ultra sought-after amplifiers such as the 7A AMPLIFIER from Western Electric itself. Today, these rare triodes are greatly sought after not only for their iconic history and for conservative restorations of equally museum-like equipment but also for esoteric DIY AUDIO projects. Aesthetically and physically it is in excellent condition, internally perfect, no dispersed particles, totally fixed base, the bulb is very slightly darkened, some minimal signs of oxide are present on the metal parts; exactly as visible in the photos.

The valve is a used FULL WORKING in ORDER . In the test it is fully functional with plate current over the due and Gm = 97%; verified with METRIX in compliance with the slope graphs (Characteristics Curves) with the following application data: Vh: 6.5 Volt, Vp: 250 Volt, -Vg: -10 Volt; must give an Anode current of 27.5 / 28.0 mA with a Gm of 1.75 mA / V.

EQUIVALENT: WE205B = 205B = 205A = CW-931 = E_Western

Product Details

Brand / Manufacture / Plant
Model / Type
VT2 VT-2 / Triode
Code / date manufacturing
Codes on base / 1917-22
Used - 100% GUARANTEED OK (As described)
Physical characteristics / Relevances
TENNIS BALL / Direct heater, Open plate
TESTS (Detected Values) / Data Sheet Reference
REFERENCE: (Ia) 27.5 mA con (Gm) 1.75 mA/V
TUBE1: (Ia) 30.0 mA with (Gm) 1.7 mA/V - 97% Emission
Recommended for
AUDIO , HI-FI set , Radio , HAM Radio
STARS / RATE (Rating from 1 to 5)
4 (physical conditions) -- 5 (operating conditions)
There is a very small hole on the metal base near the "Guide pin" in which a micro pin was inserted to adapt to the guides of the socket. NO influence on the tube!
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