6SL7 GT / VT-229 / ECC35 / 5691

The 6SL7 valve, both GT and other versions, is a double triode designed by RCA in the early 40s for use in Low Frequency both in the military and civil sectors. Its use is therefore ideal for amplification in the function of Driver for final power tubes or pre-amplification of the input signal. There are different versions, GT, GTA, GTB, GTY, WGT to finish with the more sophisticated English ECC35 which have, by textbook, a different filament feed. It was produced by numerous American, European and even Russian brands.

EQUIVALENCE: CV1984 / CV1985 / 6Н9С / 6SL7 / VT-229 / 6N9P / 6SL7GTB / 6Н9М / 6113 / 6SL7_DDR / 6SL7WGT / 6SU7GTY / 7F7 (loctal base) / 6SC7 / 6SC7GT

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