ECC81 / 12AT7 / CV455 / B152 / B309

The 12AT7 commonly known in Europe with the acronym ECC81 is a "Dual-Triode" miniature with medium gain (Mu 60 µ), popularly used in Amplification for musical instruments. Belonging to the family of the most used and well-known pre-amplifier tubes, such as the ECC82 and ECC83. Designed with high transconductance for high frequency VHF and FM circuits as an oscillator / frequency converter. Today particularly used in AUDIO frequency as a driver and phase inverter.

EQUIVALENCE: 12AT7WA / 12AT7WB / 12AT7WC / 33A / 101K / 6201/7728 / CV4024 / M8162 / QA2406

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