ECC83 / 12AX7 / ECC803S / 7025 / CV492 / B759 / 5751

The 12AX7 commonly identified in Europe with the acronym ECC83 is a "dual-triode" miniature. His first project dates back to 1947 and was marketed a year later. It is the successor of the 6SL7's family, a tube created for AUDIO applications, very popular especially in pre-amplification for HI-FI sets and musical instruments, especially in the entry and mid-level stages. The 12AX7 has high gain (Mu 100 µ) and low anode current, ideal for low level audio voltage amplification.

EQUIVALENCE: 12AX7S / E83CC / 12AX7A / 12AX7WA / CM1 / CV492 / CV4004 / CV4035 / M8137 / M8214 / 6057 / B759 / 12DF7 / 6681/7025 / 7025A / 12DW7 / 95.127.01

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