Readers / Sources

The history of SOURCES or sound / audio READERS goes back a long way in time. With the exception of the water organ created by Evergete, the first devices that can fall into the category were the Carillion, the roller organ, the Phonograph, and finally the Gramophone. In modern times, in Hi-Fi or higher-level audio systems, the Source or Player is the first electronic (or even totally analog / physical) device of the "audio chain", which performs the function of acquiring or reading (analogically or digitally) in a physical way from the “support” the recorded track, carrying out the real first step, that is, transforming a physical “contact” into an electrical signal of a few microVolts. In short, they are "transducers". Therefore, in Audio reproduction and Hi-Fi, by source or player, today, we mean the Turntable (analog), the CD player (digital) divisible into mechanics and electronics, the Digital file players.

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