ECC82 / 12AU7 / E82CC / ECC802S / CV491 / B749 / ECC186

The 12AU7 commonly identified in Europe with the initials ECC82 by Mullard-Philips is a "dual-triode" miniature with medium gain (Mu). Of the Noval family it is probably the first born ever, October 1946, RCA project. There are many equivalences but some are distinguished by " robustness, long life and, more or less, aggressive performance " such as the US Army 5814A and the various European SQ E182CC, E82CC, etc. Today, as in the past, this tube is very popular in AUDIO applications such as Driver and Phase Inverter in push-pull amplification circuits, as it is very linear and low noise.

EQUIVALENCE: 12AU7S / E82CC / 12AU7A / CC82E / ECC802S / 13D8 / B749 / CV491 / CV4003 / M8136 / 6067/7316 / ECC186 / 5814 / 5814A / GB-5936 / 95.126.01

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