EC86 / E86C / 6CM4 ✚ EC88 / E88C / 6DL4

Both the EC86 and the EC88 correspond exactly to half of the better known "dual-triode ECC86 and ECC88". Introduced on the market around 1958 for VHF pre and mixer stages and developed by Philips in the EU and by Amperex (Philips division) in the US Mainly used in Radio, Television and Instrumental equipment.

In particular, the EC88 was born as a low noise amplifier for VHF and UHF TV circuits but thanks to its high gain (Mu) it has been pleasantly received today by many DIY designers in HI-END, in particular in the "signal and pre -phono ".

- EC86 EQUIVALENCE: E86C = 6CM4 = EC806S = 6T2 // PC86 = 4CM4 = 4T2 (with different voltage heater: 3.8 Volt)

- EC88 EQUIVALENCE: E88C = 6DL4 = 6T3 // PC88 = 4DL4 = 4T3 (with different voltage heater: 3.8 Volt)

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