Other / Special / RF-IF

Since there is a very extensive range of other valves we decided to include them in this category OTHER, SPECIAL, RF-IF, all those valves that are not covered specifically in the other categories and therefore for specific purposes but also adaptable to every need. There are special valves for special uses, transmitters for high frequency, for infrared rays, x-rays, cathode tubes for reproducing images, Radio valves of all kinds and functions, Multigrids, Compounds or Multiple Tubes, Thyratron, Ignitron, Krytron, Sprytron, Photomultiplier, Ballast and Barretterper (although not valves but similar to that type of electronic component); to finish with the final and last tail Nuvistor, the maximum expression of this type of technology.

In addition, here you will also find Diodes, Triodes, Tetrodes and Pentodes born for radio, special and military uses; also very ANTIQUE and / or from COLLECTION .

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