5670 / 2C51 / 396A

The 5670 (main equivalents 2C51 and 396A ) is a purely American-designed Double Triode even if it was also produced in Europe and up to the Soviet Union. Its use was basically in VHF in Military apparatuses. Being a high gain tube, NOVAL base and with easy to use Low Frequency application data, it has had and still has an interesting application in PRE-amplification and similar circuits.

- EQUIVALENCE: 396A = GL5670 = CK5670 = 2C51 = 6CC42 = 6Н3П = 5670W = 5670WA = CK5670-WA = CV4013 = GB-5670 = 6385 - SIMILAR: 6386 = CK6021

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