6J5G / 6J5 / VT-94 / CV1932 / L63

The 6J5 valve (in its various versions) is a mainly signal triode and is exactly equivalent to half of the 6SN7 valves which is a Double Triode. The 6J5 is a very linear tube and for this reason it was used, in the 30's-40's in amplification circuits such as driver, signal preamplifier. The 6J5 was produced in a large number of variants, including the metallic version (military use), with various structures and varying qualities.

EQUIVALENT: 6J5G = 6J5GT = VT-94A = CV1932 = L63 = 6C2C = CV1933 = CV1934 = CV1067 = VT154 = VR67 = OSW3112 = 6J5WGT & SUBSTITUTE: 6C5

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