ECC807 ✚ ECC808 / 6KX8

The ECC808 or 6KX5 is a classic Double Triode preamplifier but with HIGH quality, stability and low noise. Furthermore, it has a power dissipation in the plate of 0.5 Watt compared to the watt of the classic ECC83 to which it can be assimilated in terms of typology and, with appropriate correction of the pins, also replaced. Even the ECC807, almost exclusively produced by BRIMAR, is an extremely RARE Double Triode also because it is produced in limited quantities. The ECC807 is an excellent valve for AUDIO frequency use as a preamplifier, especially Phono stage. It is significantly equivalent to the highly sought after 13D7 tube but with a higher Gain! Excellent valves for AUDIO use.

EQUIVALENZA ECC808: 6KX8  &  SOSTITUIBILE: 12AX7S / E83CC / 12AX7A / 12AX7WA / CM1 / CV492 / CV4004 / CV4035 / M8137 / M8214 / 6057 / B759 / 12DF7 / 6681 / 7025 / 7025A / 12DW7 / 95.127.01

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