ECC88 / 6DJ8 / E88CC / CCa / E188CC / 6922 / PCC88 / ECC189

The ECC88 or 6DJ8 valve and all its equivalents, is a very famous universal DOUBLE TRIODE UHF, of the 9 pins "miniature" series with 6.3 Volt power supply. There are many versions of this tube, from the classic ones used in any radio transmitting / receiving equipment such as measuring, instrumental and military instruments up to extremely "professional" uses both in the military and in the scientific medical research laboratory. Its design is very massive and well made (in the various versions, of course ..) which allows it to have a very low microphonicity and noise, which makes this type of tube very interesting for low frequency AUDIO applications and, in this sector, it is become very famous!

EQUIVALENCE: ECC88 = 6DJ8 = E88CC = CCa = E188CC = CV5358 = M3624 = 6922 = CV2492 = 6N11 = V50064 = 8416 = 7308 = 6922WA = CV4108 = CV5358 = CV4110 = CV4111 

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