OLDSOUND was born in the early 90s of the last century from an intense and passionate Idea. Over time it becomes a point of reference and today it is a real project full of experience.

The OldSound project has existed for more than 30 years and has always stood out for Love, Passion, Study, Historical Research and a lot of experience in the world of electronics since its pre-Marconian beginnings. OldSound, however, has concentrated its attention more in the scientific field of RADIOTELEPHONY in the widest possible vision but, in particular, in the fields of AUDIO and RADIOPHONY with morbid attention to their brilliant development and production from the mid-first decade of the 1900s to the mid 70s. Of course, the interest has continued beyond and continues to the present day!

From the very beginning, we at OldSound have been passionate collectors of all sorts of electronic equipment, radios, amplifiers, players, speakers, measuring instruments, musical instruments, spare parts and all that active and passive electronic components that have just done the history of the world of AUDIO-communication in filming, reproduction, transmission and diffusion.

Today, despite the passion and research continue spasmodically, with pleasure, we would like to put at your disposal our experience and, above all, our VINTAGE PRODUCTS inherent to that wonderful world described above. In fact, we would like to underline that with us you will NEVER find a smartphone, a mouse or a modern blender, much less a modern radio unless these represent an iconic point of passage in the world of Vintage in general and of electronics in general. particular to the point of stimulating the interest of passionate collectors and lovers in general of the history of technological development and human ingenuity.

An invitation to reflect! ...

Among the basic founding concepts of the OLDSOUND project there is also the extravagant, but we believe it is interesting, of proposing itself as a sort of "ecological" idea.

In fact, we believe that for the future of us all and of our beloved Mother Earth, it is BEAUTIFUL, NECESSARY and USEFUL to "RECYCLE" and, at the same time, to REVIVE something that belongs to the past for most of us forgotten and considered useless, otherwise , inevitably destined to end up in landfills or dispersed, creating further "heavy and unwanted" pollution!

And it is also for this reason that you are welcome to visit our site in the hope that you can find the article of your interest and pleasure, useful for your purpose and your work.

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