1.1 OldSound, as a supplier, is required to comply with all the "general terms and conditions of sale" published on the site. Likewise, the buyer is required to accept the same conditions so that he can place any order automatically or through our contacts .

1.2 Changes to the "General Terms and Conditions of Sale" can be made by OldSound at any time, for this reason, before placing any order, we strongly recommend that you read each point carefully.

1.3 In the case of orders placed not automatically through the site but, for example: by phone, by email, etc ... the buyer will have to wait for an official summary via email in which to confirm the order he will have to accept the "general conditions and policy of confidentiality ".

1.4 From the forwarding of the order confirmation the "sales contract" is considered accepted and validated. From that moment you have 5 (five) days to complete the payment with the methods provided or previously agreed with OldSound. From the sixth day, the sales contract is considered terminated and the asset in question is released from the contractual obligation unless, within 5 days , the Customer does not communicate his intentions to still want to pay, which must be completed by and no later than the tenth day from the date of order confirmation.

1.5 You will receive an automatically generated email with the summary of your order, your data for shipping, the total to be paid and an indication of the method you have chosen. Once the payment has been made within the terms set out in point 1.4, the shipping procedure will start and you will be kept informed on the progress of your order.

1.6 The Customer is required, once the purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep these general conditions of sale and the relative order form, which have already been viewed and accepted.


2.1 The total price shown in the order confirmation represents the final cost to be paid, it will include: Italian taxes if they are due; shipping and packaging costs; ITALY customs duty if due; any costs due for the chosen form of payment; currency conversion; insurance if, at the time of the order, a specific request is made; any discounts and / or coupons applied by OldSound. The total price you will have to pay is final and NOT negotiable.

2.2 The sale of OldSound is not subject to VAT, as the activity is carried out on a flat-rate basis pursuant to Law 190/214, art. 1 paragraphs 54 and following. We are under no obligation to issue an invoice. This will be issued if requested by the Customer at the time of the order and / or if the purchase is made by an "economic operator" holder of VAT as part of his business. Furthermore, an order summary will always be issued with all due and necessary references, which will be sent to you via email.


Payment will be made through one of the following methods provided below. If you wish to proceed with another method not contemplated, please let us know before proceeding with the confirmation of the purchase order:

- BANK TRANSFER (We prefer it! No operating expenses are required on our part! Generally credit in 1 day. The data will be communicated to you with the order confirmation email). If you choose to pay by bank transfer, sometimes we can apply a small discount, contact us!

- PAYPAL (You can pay even if you do not have an account, simply using your credit card. The most important are accepted, as visible on the site (footer) and in the "payment-checkout" phase.

OldSound, both in the natural and legal person, is never able to know the information relating to the Customer's credit card, Paypal account or any other private personal data relating to your payment method; for this reason, in no case, we can be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of the same data.

3.1 In the event that a product on the OldSound site is incorrectly listed at an incorrect price , we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order placed for that product. OldSound reserves this right regardless of whether the order has been confirmed or not and the payment has already been made. In this case, within 48 hours of crediting your payment, OldSound will issue the refund exactly for the amount paid and with the same method in which the payment was made.


4.1 Thanks to our decades of experience, OldSound undertakes to always perform a "TOP quality" shipment, thus guaranteeing the best possible service. High quality packaging materials will be used for packaging and are as appropriate as possible to the type of shipment. We undertake to pack everything in a workmanlike manner for your and our peace of mind and, above all, so that the goods purchased by you are best preserved during shipment and delivered to you absolutely intact and undamaged, exactly as agreed at the time of delivery. purchase contract.

We also undertake to carry out your shipment within 3 (three) working days , under penalty of what is stated in point 4.4.

4.2 Our shipments are always carried out with DHL Express Courier , traceable and verifiable online. In the case of particularly heavy and / or bulky shipments, other shipping methods that may be agreed upon with the Customer may be evaluated. Sometimes it may also be possible to collect the purchased goods personally from us; by appointment. In this case, obviously, no shipping costs will be due. If a product is considered "NOT spendable" or only "short hand", this will be clearly stated in the description or technical data sheet of the product itself.

4.3 In the event that the delivery of an order is different or incomplete, the Customer may request:

I) The immediate termination of the sales contract and the complete refund of the amount paid. The costs of returning the non-compliant goods will be fully borne by us.

II) The replacement or integration to completeness of the order, as per the purchase contract. Also in this case, any expenses due will be at our expense.

4.4 In case of delay in the start of the shipment beyond 3 (three) working days, not justified and / or not communicated, the Customer can request the termination of the purchase contract and the complete refund of the amount paid.

We would like to remind ourselves that no one is perfect and therefore, also as regards the timing of the couriers, delays can occur; of course we will do everything to prevent this from happening.

OldSound is, however and always, exonerated from any responsibility in case of delays in delivery due exclusively to the courier.

Shipping date and time You will be notified automatically or, within a reasonable time, manually. This information will be valid for the recovery of any term in this regard.

4.5 The shipment will begin its process, only and exclusively after the payment has been made and credited in clear text; no exception .


5.1 CONSIDERING THE TYPE and MANUFACTURING OF THE PROPOSED GOODS (NEW AND VINTAGE USED electrical and electronic); NO LIABILITY for direct or indirect damages to person or things can be asserted against the Supplier (OldSound) in the following cases:

- unsuitable or improper use; repairs; replacements; faulty assembly or installation of the goods by the Customer or third parties; negligent use; not regular maintenance; inappropriate uses due to incompetence; tampering; modification of any nature of the asset itself; natural wear; influence of unexpected external agents (electrical, chemical, liquid, etc ..).

- Use of "other parts" for the installation and use of the asset, subsequently acquired and / or procured by the Customer that are not part of the supply and on which the supplier (OldSound) cannot guarantee anything. In all these cases the Client acts at his own risk.

- For the valves in particular, with reference to the first point, OldSound will never and in any way be held responsible for alleged damage caused to your equipment by their use . We can offer advice on valve replacement, but it is always best to first consult the manufacturer of your equipment and, in any case, a qualified technician to perform the operation.

- Furthermore, for goods sold as "non-functional / for restoration", any type of "repair and / or restoration" intervention, even if only conservative, and everything that may derive from this intervention, remains the sole responsibility of the Customer and / or who will carry out the intervention.

5.2 OldSound undertakes to comply with any "sale and purchase" terms clearly indicated on the website of its online store. We will always do our best to describe each item offered for sale in detail. We are committed to delivering exactly what you have purchased when you confirm your order. If you have any questions, please contact us first; we will always be happy to answer your questions so that you can make a purchase in full science and conscience.


Almost all of the products sold by OldSound are VINTAGE: NOS / NIB or NOS or SECONDHAND (used) and therefore NO longer in current production.

For this type of goods, the law provides for a one-year warranty unless it is explicitly excluded by the supplier (OldSound) who declares it in the "terms and conditions of sale" for which, by the Customer, there is an obligation of acceptance. In rare cases there may be the possibility that the “terms, form and duration” of the guarantee can be agreed in advance with the purchaser. That said, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, OldSound in advance DECLARES :

"In accordance with the nature, dating, origin, type of product and provided that this will always be clearly and in detail described by OldSound in the exact conditions in which it is found at the time of publication for sale (even the images are a descriptive prerogative) and of the contract of purchase: " Any form of one-year warranty is EXCLUDED ".

Likewise, the following different forms of guarantee will be offered depending on the type and conditions in which the proposed item is found:


NO guarantee is offered on operation and / or production defects and / or problems or defects caused by time. The return for "right of withdrawal" is also excluded. The item is to be considered consciously purchased by the buyer with the “seen and liked” formula.


A 14-day guarantee is offered on all problems found that were not highlighted in the description at the time of purchase. Any defects that occur in this period of time due to obvious manufacturing defects are excluded from the guarantee. Therefore, except for what has been said, there are no other reasons that validate the guarantee, including the "right of withdrawal". The guarantee takes effect from the moment of receipt of the goods.


A 30-day guarantee is offered over all types of defects found not highlighted in the description at the time of purchase. The "right of withdrawal" is VALID within the non- extendable time limit of 14 days as agreed in the next chapter (Right of Withdrawal or Afterthought) . The guarantee takes effect from the moment of receipt of the goods.

6.4 In particular, with reference to the products Thermionic valves / tubes and other active and passive electronic components and only in the case of the NOS / NIB and NOS ” status , the same 30-day guarantees and right of withdrawal apply, as in point 6.3. Beyond the 14th day or from the 15th to the 30th day, in the case of withdrawal, there is a restocking fee of 25% on the price paid. No returns are accepted after the 30th day; without exception.

I) Make sure you try your new tubes when they arrive. In the case of power / amp tubes, do not run them without checking / adjusting the amplifier bias. If you have any questions about this, consult a qualified technician.

II) No guarantee is applied in obvious cases in which, in the returned valves, it is found: short circuit, interruption due to overvoltage or other of the filament, general abuse, malfunction, incorrect positioning, use in inappropriate circuits, integral or partial breakage of the good. For the replacement and / or installation of your new valves, it is always advisable to ask a specialized technician.

III) The aforementioned guarantee is not provided in the event that the " disliking of the performative, acoustic and tonal level " of the new tubes on one's Audio equipment is claimed. In this regard, we remind you that: “ We cannot guarantee the specific sound for each tube. We can only guarantee the electrical properties. The sound of a tube is a function of the synergy of the system, acoustics and personal preferences, etc. The same tube can sound different in different systems. Any tube reviews on our site are a person's observations based on his or her system and personal preferences; even our opinion remains a personal judgment. There is no best tube in any category. However, there are tubes that can be considered more desirable than others ”.

IV) No "comparison" contestation is accepted on the tests declared and subsequently re-performed with their own measuring instruments. For the recovery of this claim, OldSound will require an official certification signed by an accredited body or company authorized to operate in the specific sector.

V) We do not accept claims for returns, replacements or exchanges with other goods for non-use with equipment that you have sold and are no longer in possession after the order or cannot use for any reason. However, we remain available for any request of this type which will be examined by us and subjected to a specific agreement between the parties. In any case it remains under the unquestionable decision of OldSound.

VI) Microphonics: just like the concept of "Sound - Acoustic-Sound Performance" described above in point III, there is no infallible test for microphonics . The same tube can be mic in one configuration and function perfectly in another. If the tubes give microphonic problems and are unusable in your system, we can, at our discretion, on a case by case basis, choose to replace them or offer a credit / coupon in the store, always in compliance with the rules and deadlines stated here .


You have the right to withdraw only in the case of products not yet used and completely intact and in any case in compliance with the terms set out above.
The Customer can return the purchased goods by obtaining a refund of the purchase price (Legislative Decree 2005/206) or any replacement, if requested and if the exact same item is available, after having checked the total integrity of the item by OldSound. returned. According to the provisions of the Consumer Code, for any article it is, the return of the goods purchased via the internet must take place within the mandatory term of 14 days from the date of delivery.

- In the event that the Customer wishes to exercise the right to withdraw from the order even before the goods have been shipped , it is sufficient that he sends an email asking to cancel the contract. OldSound is required to accept and reimburse the Client for the exact amount paid within the following 48 hours.

- The right of withdrawal or reconsideration does NOT apply in the case of supply of goods made to measure or clearly personalized and in the case of goods sold sealed and possibly opened .

Mandatory conditions for the right of withdrawal to be valid:
I) An email must be sent within 48 hours of receipt of the purchased goods, attaching this WITHDRAWAL FORM with "authentic signature" and completed in all its points. After this time, a written communication (same form) must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to the address:

Via Alberto da Giussano, 5
21040 Uboldo (VA)

II) The purchased goods are perfectly intact, returned in the same conditions in which they were shipped both physically and electrically and, where present, in their original wrapping and packaging, exactly as they were received. In the specific case of the "valves" product these will be again and carefully checked, their values (tests - measurements) must not differ by more than 5% from the value declared in the "product sheet" at the time of sale , under penalty of forfeiture of the right. same.

III) The shipment must be made only and exclusively using Express Courier, also Poste Italiane as long as the shipment has a tracking number. We remind you that you are responsible for the accuracy of the shipment in the event of a return; we recommend that you use suitable packaging material such as the one we use. Items ( especially valves ) returned by other methods and which will not be properly packaged will be discarded and NO credit will be issued.

IV) The return costs are charged to the customer.

V) Where an invoice has been sent, the original invoice must be returned together with the items.

VI) The products must be returned to the above address.

in order for the Customer to exercise the right of withdrawal and it is satisfied by OldSound, all the procedures regulated herein, already communicated and, with the purchase, approved by the Customer must be respected, point by point.
As soon as OldSound has received the returned items on time and verified that all the above conditions are fully respected, a refund of the price paid will be issued as soon as possible and in any case no later than 14 days from receipt of the same. The refund of the credit will be made with the same payment method chosen for the purchase.
For any item sold by OldSound, the warranties expressed in the manner and terms above apply only and exclusively to the original purchaser . Therefore, if the same article is transferred or sold, in any form, to third parties, any established warranty term will lapse.

7.1 RIGHT of REFUSAL or WITHDRAWAL in "exceptional cases (Seasonal Warehouse closures or other ...)":

In "exceptional" cases of seasonal closures (Summer and Winter) of the warehouse or other special events: despite the fact that the WebShop is always open and such events/conditions have been previously officially and clearly declared on the site, with clear terms/timing of "processing and shipping" of the order; it is possible to request the cancellation of the order within the maximum non-extendable time of 5 (five) days. OldSound is obliged to cancel the order and undertakes to accept and return the entire amount paid (including expenses) with the same payment method.

I) From the sixth day and by the tenth day, if the cancellation of the order is requested, 50% of the cost of the product will be withheld and the shipping costs reimbursed, without exception.

II) Beyond the tenth day from the date of the order, this is considered without exception confirmed if not yet processed and shipped and will be carried out within the times stated for "exceptional" cases.


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