Nowadays, there is a lack of creativity in music compared to decades before, same as a lack of high-quality electric devices such as power and preamp audio tubes.

Creativity needs a fuel injection of a certain kind of magic which might make music artists addicted to complex glorious sounding devices sounding together. The right combination of today's advanced electronic technology with old vintage tubes gets the best of both worlds; like this my VHT amplifier " Special6 model.

Old vintage tubes make your ears smooth-going and also give them the pleasure of velvety or silky top ends, round and tight compact low-end tones and a very complex choir of middle-range harmonics. Some tubes might sound three-dimensional, alive-like, superbly detailed and warm.

Add that to your favorite electronic device or instrument, amplifying it with your tube amplifier using old vintage tubes. Best amplifiers are the simplest as they have short circuits to get the purest sound possible. 

Power amplifiers using only one 6V6 or EL84 power tube and one 12AX7 preamp tube sound incredible using old vintage tubes!


That way is affordable to look for the perfect tube for you, depending on your instrument and your style of playing, trying the sound of a wide variety of old vintage tubes.

Buying at OldSound Vintage Tubes & Others was fantastic since the web page is pristinely clear and lovely.

The package arrived on time excellently sealed and the MILITARY GRADE TUNGSOL 1950'S 6V6GT/G was in the centre of a pool of soft solid white foam pieces to prevent any kind of vibration from getting to the tube, the tube was also inside a white box, the white box was completely surrounded by air bubbles plastic so the tube just couldn't be more protected, seriously. The outer box also had stickers indicating "VERY FRAGILE" so the DHL courier set the package inside the truck in its VERY FRAGILE spot and handles it with lots of care.

I can only say many Thanks to OldSound, Antonello and his Staff!

Please Listen this my simple and sweet execution example!...And THANK again to OldSound!

With the approval of OldSound, I would like to conclude my review with some tips on the use of tubes, my complete system and other parts in use.

Tubes are very fragile, especially power tubes. Tubes sound best after warming them up on standby for at least 15 minutes. When tubes are warm their tiny components inside are red-hot turning even more fragile. Do not place the tube amp head straight on top of a 4 x 12-inch speakers stack as speakers vibrations hit the tube when it is more vulnerable making the tubes lose their performance quality very fast, they might only sound glorious at the very beginning. 

It is highly recommended to place a thick cushion between the tube amp head and the speaker's stack to protect the tubes. 

The same happens on combos as they have the speaker mounted in the case transmitting the vibrations to the tubes and the speaker is way too close to the tubes. 

What I do, is use my tube combo as an amplifier connecting the power-out to a 4 x 12. inch speaker stack placing the amplifier away from the speakers.

After turning your amp off, let the tubes cool down before moving it and always proceed with lots of care using a cushioning system at the bottom of the amp when travelling. 

Never turn your amplifier's stand-by switch ON if there is no speaker cable connected to the power amp.

October 2022

Jesus Rincon Cano (CHESS)Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain

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