I knew the site OldSound.it and Antonello, the boss, while looking for an 83 rectifier tube from the Italian brand FIVRE, considered one of the best 83 tubes.

I then discovered a site with very beautiful tubes, well highlighted, with measurements, which is rare, and at prices which are still affordable despite everything. I actually found the tube 83 I was looking for on the site.

I placed my order and Antonello then sent me other photos of the tubes and its original box.

Through our exchanges, I discovered a charming, passionate, competent person who provides all the information necessary for a purchase with confidence.

Tube 83 arrived quickly, perfectly packaged, with pictures of the box sent beforehand. Really very professional.

On the strength of this very good first experience, I asked Antonello at the end of June if he could not find me a pair of triodes 10, aubergine glass, from the 20s-30s for my preamp. These triodes are rare, difficult to find and above all very fragile.

Antonello noted my request and told me some time later that he might have a few things to offer me after the summer holidays.

In fact, at the beginning of September Antonello contacted me again to tell me that he had found a pair of RCA/Radiotron 10 from the 1930s with aubergine glass. He sent me about ten photos of the tubes as well as photos of these same tubes under test on his métrix, with the grid voltages applied and the anode currents obtained visible. This is very pro and rare to be reported.

The measurements being good, I ordered these superb 10 triodes which arrived like a pharaoh in his sarcophagus, with double cardboard, polystyrene beads, double bubble wrap, etc., really top-notch packaging for these fragile old ladies.

The observation of these tubes by an expert eye indicates that they are triodes 10 manufactured by Cunningham under RCA/Radiotron license (licensed as stated on cardboard) with the plans and tools of 1925. The RCA octagons on the tubes show that the one is from 1928 and the other from 1930. What happiness!

The triodes have been running on my system since yesterday and they work wonderfully despite being over 90 years old!

This is a real achievement for my tube system, consisting of a 10/VT25 triode preamp and an SE845 amp.

In summary, I am absolutely delighted with all the written or commercial exchanges I have had with Antonello and I highly recommend this site to all lovers of beautiful hits who wish to be able to buy with confidence.

I attach some photos and a short video of these magnificent triodes 10 that Antonello managed to find me and my entire system.

Septembre 2022

GIE Jean-François, Paris, France

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