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THANK you for your visit!

Here you will find many products, almost exclusively vintage, mostly related to the AUDIO and RADIOTELEPHONY world. In particular way we’re specialized and we can offer you a vast selection of original vintage TUBES of lots of brands like: Marconi, Marconi-Osram, Osram, Mullard, Pinnacle, Tung-sol, Sylvania, RCA, Cunningham, Radiotron, General Electric, Mazda, Cossor, Adzam, AEG, Ates, Zenith, Tungsram, Siemens, Philips, Pope, Amperex, Dario, Fotos Grammont, RFT, RTC, Tronal, Tesla, Telam, Fivre, Sicte, Ediswan, Eiman, Haltron, Telefunken, Klangfilm, Valvo, Brimar, STC, BrownBoveri, Cetron, CBS, B-T-H, Arcturus, GeCo valve, Taylor, Teonex, Neotron, G&C, ITT, Kaufmann, Krafton, Kremenetzky, Lorenz, Gold Lion, Genalex, Moorhead, Eico, Pinnacle, Machlett, Western Electric, Westinghouse, Hytron, Raytheon, Ken-Rad, JAN, Ultron, National Union, United Electronics, DeForest, Silvertone, Philco, etc... Of course, for obvious reasons, as exclusively vintage stuff, availability “at the time” for Brands and quantity in stock.

ALL valves offered are ALWAYS checked under any aesthetic, mechanical and functional appearance. Then tested in the laboratory with adequate instrumentations, PROFESSIONAL and/or MILITARY TUBE-TESTER with high accuracy (Instruments photos below). The main tests performed are: - Anodic or Plate current - Efficiency / Emission, - Insulation between its electrodes in hot and cold state. Where possible tests are performed also on real devices for microphonics proves and general working.

Here you will also find a vast and various selection of discrete electronic components, mainly vintage, like: resistors; electrolytic, polyester, polypropylene, paper and oil capacitors; old & rare transistors; different type of transformers; mechanical and electrical spare parts; new white boxes for valve; Amplifier and Preamplifier (tubes and transistor/FET); various Audio and instrumental apparatus, HI-FI set; microphones, many different types of radio receiver or transmitting devices from the last century!....and more….

It’s our absolute convinced intention, desire and interest to offer YOU the best possible service, professionalism, seriousness, friendliness and good prices.

Oldsound web-site is constantly updated!

Suggestions, requests, questions and whatsoever proposals are welcome! We are always to Your complete disposition and we will try to satisfy you as best as well. Thank you!