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"SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION CABLE" = Excellency microphone cable NEUMANN to HIGHEST resolution, perfectly NEW in original box. This signal cable produced and marketed by Neumann GmbH, made in GERMANY, is a microphone cable of unquestionable quality, obviously for microphones but also for links "signal" HI-END AUDIO, like source (turnable, tape, CD player) to preamplifier or from this to the final (power unit). The cable is perfectly finished with pin "cannon balanced"! Length 6 and 10 mt.







One of the most famous and internationally recognized factory of Microphones and much more in Audio's PROFESSIONAL world, there is the SENNHEISER ELECTRONIC GmbH & Co. Germany manifacture = high precision, robustness and quality!

This microphone Sennheiser MD21-U or MD 21 U, made in Germany, brand NEW, UNUSED and in original box with manual, fully fuctional, our testing and guarantee; is, without any doubt, a perfect exemple of a microphone with ALL the advantages of above.

The MD21 for its very extensive and linear frequency response, can be used as perfectly both in spoken (interviews, reports, debates) than in the recorded music in the studio and live, in this case, especially suitable for "guitar, bass and kick. "For those looking for a "vintage" warm sound and at no compromise in quality, the 'MD21 is definitely for you!

Not bring back some specific information, go online...for example SENNHEISER.COM.

No comparision with the current market price!!


AVAILABILITY : 3  @@@@@  PRICE each : 270,00 €




As of course many of you will know the famous Sennheiser MKE-40 is a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL microphone. This one offered is TOTAL MINT = NEW, it's a wonderful "SENNHEISER MKE40 - R" lavalier, absolutely original, full accessories (lanyard, magnet and cover capsule black and white) in its original box and packaging, as shown in the pictures. The microphone has never been used but, of course, is tested by Us of Oldsound to offer, of course, the 100% guarantee. We do not believe there's much to say about this splendid and interesting article, it's easy to find a truly vast literature on the Web. Briefly, we say it is a cardioid mic, mostly for conferences, interviews, theater and TV and, in any case, for any use you wish.

Our offer is at a truly "exceptional" price and if you want some other specific photo and / or more information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

NOTE: NOT all microphones are "finished"!


AVAILABILITY : 3  @@@@@  PRICE each : 250,00 €