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Among our many friends and associates, with pleasure, suggest you some interesting websites, particularly specialized in the sector of Audio and Sound !...


John is a great dear friend but also our collaborator. A repairman of fine quality and highly prized, especially in the Audio instrumental amplification. 


Lorenzo, friend and work colleague is surely one of the more valid Sound engineer on the market. Soundaround is Recording Studio and More - fifty square meters of professionalism and enthusiasm! 


Maurizio, dear friend and work colleague, despite his young age is undoubtedly one of most valid Technicians Audio engineers today in Italy. 


A very interesting web-site for your research over any sort of tubes. 

A.I.R.E. Radio

Famous organization, surely the most important and active in Italy in the Vintage Radio World. 

Analog Planet

Service, repair and maintenance for analog vintage and new equipments, reel to reel recorder, turntables, amplifiers and audio in general… 

2A3 Maniac

Very interesting BLOG curated by Carsten Bussler, an expert in fundamental electronic tubes TRIODES for Audio frequency. For all those who love the Tube Sound, information, links, forums, etc…