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OLDSOUND is characterized by Love, Passion, Experience and Historical Research in electronics world, especially in the specific RADIOTELEPHONY’s field in the broadest sense possible but, in particular, in the AUDIO's sector where, our attention and interest focus mainly in the production since the beginning of last century to the mid-'70s and then even to these day.

From over 25 years, collectors and devoted to this world, now, with pleasure, we feel to put at your disposal our experience and, above all, our goods. Oldsound is NOT a commercial site. ALL products listed and/or exposed come from PRIVATE CLLECTION STUFF and all transactions take place "by owners", as any buy and sell, exchange or barter "BETWEEN PRIVATE" . Only for owners! (more info in the “ordering” page)

An invitation to think! ...

OLDSOUND is proposed also as a sort of "ecological" idea because we believe that, for all of Us and for our beloved Mother Earth is NICE, NECESSARY and USEFUL ”TO RECYCLE" and, at the same time, BRING BACK to LIFE in something of the past, for most of us forgotten and unnecessary and that, otherwise, would have inevitably end up in landfill, creating more "heavy" pollution!